When you think about your future, you see yourself at the top:  the top of your company, the top of your community, the top of your industry.  You see a polished, respected woman who has a reputation for being enterprising, forward-thinking, and insightful.

Even now, you experience flickers of what that kind of status feels like.  And, it feels good.

But when you’re up late at night, when things aren’t going your way, when you face yet another setback, the path forward seems windy at best and nonexistent at worse. 
You know you have the chops to get ahead but you don’t know the steps to take to get you there.
Two key obstacles hold you back from reaching the top. I’ll get to those in just a bit. But for now, I want to tell you why I care so much about you rising to the top.
I believe the next generation of women leaders will change the world as we know it, and I’ve made it my business to equip women like you with the skills they need to get ahead—while staying true to their unique strengths and principles.
I’ve built my executive coaching career on this firm belief. 
Over the years, while founding The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership and carving out our niche as the world’s leading proponent of New Paradigm Women’s Leadership, I noticed that women were getting hung up on fear. They weren’t claiming their leadership roles because fear was making the path unclear.

Fear has stood between you and your future for far too long.

Fear is what makes your misconceptions about the path forward seem so true. Fear is what keeps you playing small and waiting for an opportunity that’s just not going to present itself. Fear is what makes the obstacles seem so much bigger than they really are.
Of course, the first step to removing fear is finding the truth. Let’s examine those 2 key obstacles further:

Obstacle #1: Your Network

Well, it’s not your network that’s the obstacle. It’s how you’re not using it.
You find yourself afraid to ask for help. You’re waiting for a project that’s worthy of others’ assistance. You worry your questions are silly.
Or, you don’t have a powerful network to begin with.
You’ve played it safe with connections in the past. You’ve waited to put yourself out there and connect with others on the same path. You’ve worried you don’t have something to offer the people you want to be in relationship with.
Leveraging your network is the single biggest factor in your ability to rise to the top.
The people you surround yourself with contribute just as much to your success as you do. That’s why I chose to reach out to the biggest players in my own field.  I’ve shared my vision with Arianna Huffington. I collaborate with Ali Brown. I count Amanda Steinberg as one of my closest colleagues.
I didn’t wait for success to reach out to these powerful women. I reached out and found success.

Obstacle #2: Your Idea of Leadership

There’s a pervasive misconception of the leadership identity that keeps women on the sidelines: you have to be a jerk to get ahead.
Deep down, you know that’s not true. You know that warm-hearted and generous people exercise immense power as leaders. But those role models are hard to find.
And this is where I need to get frank with you: if you want to claim your position at the top, you need to claim a new paradigm of leadership for yourself.
The good news is that there are plenty of women already doing this. I’ve already mentioned a few. I’d like to introduce you to more. There’s Amanda Steinberg, who’s changing the way women view personal finance. There’s Lindsey Pera, who’s changing the way women view personal development. There’s Dr. Samantha Brody, who’s changing the way women think about health care. 
The list goes on and on. 
You get to define leadership. It doesn’t need to define you.
It’s time to claim your spot at the top. It’s time to make the path to leadership clear for yourself. 
It’s time to expand your network and take charge of your influence.
That’s why I created the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership Masterclass.
The Masterclass is a 9-week guided journey that aims to make clear your path to leadership and influence. 
I’ve gathered an incredible group of women to share their stories, professional perspective, and advice so that you can clear the obstacles to your success. You’ll hear from Ali Brown, Amanda Steinberg, and many, many more women who have forged their own paths, risen to the top, and command influence with grace and generosity.
This program is designed for women executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners—and those who aspire to be them. It’s a great fit for you if:


  • You’re tired of waiting for your big break.
  • You want to reprogram your understanding of leadership.
  • You crave the support of a diverse network of powerhouse women.
  • You have gifts and talents you want to share with the world in a big way.



The top awaits. 
See you there.
Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
Founder, The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership

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