Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin Resist. Lead. Rise.

Since last Friday, I have found myself absolutely consumed by events in our country.

The travel ban signed by President Trump last Friday has directly impacted our clients, my friends, my colleagues, our entire nation and the world in ways that none of us could have predicted.

I spent this past weekend protesting, sharing information on my Facebook page, connecting with loved ones in need of support, and writing about what it means to be an activist as a woman leader in this environment.

To that end, I want to share with you some resources that prior to now we have not made available to the wider community.

First, yesterday, at the call of many who follow me on Facebook, I wrote this post about How to Be a Social Media Activist for the Resistance.

Second, at the urging of others, today I wrote this post on How to Use Your Money, Time and Privilege in Support of the Resistance. This is my guide to where to donate, how to survive and how to be a conscious activist in this critical moment in history.

Third, I have been incredibly active on my personal Facebook page and my private Twitter feed in support of efforts to impeach President Trump, support politicians who are a part of the resistance, and share relevant information to others concerning protesting, self-defense, advocacy and efforts to exert pressure on the Congress to protect everyone in this nation.

I invite you to friend me, follow me, and retweet and repost my public posts in support of these efforts.

You may not agree with our politics or positioning here at the Gaia Project. If you don’t, you are more than welcome to unsubscribe from our social feeds.

However, if you do, I want to make you aware of a few other things.

Women are leading the resistance.

From Sally Yates to Elizabeth Warren to Ann Donnelly, we’ve seen women lawyers, judges and politicians taking the lead in these efforts. Our voices matter deeply right now, and that is one reason why I am using mine so often. I encourage you to do the same.

The pressure we are bringing to bear is making a difference.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen a radically emboldened press and Democratic party that is fighting for our First Amendment rights, our civil rights, for an ethical and honorable cabinet, and for investigations that will keep our democracy healthy. We need to keep it up.

Collaboration matters more than ever right now.

One of the great silver linings of the past few days is that I have seen activists of all stripes come together to resist as one movement. We believe here at the Gaia Project that Together, We Rise, and that has never been more true to me than it has since Friday.

We need women leaders now more than ever.

I believe that a part of what is happening right now is the purging of old systems of leadership and governance that no longer work. That includes patriarchal models of leadership grounded in domination and control. Our mission is now, more than ever, grounded in cultivating women leaders to rise.

To that end, we have made some critical decisions with regard to our business in the coming months.

First, we are opening up ten scholarship slots to join our next round of The Women’s Leadership Coach Certification Program, which begins on April 4th.

This offering, which is available both to executive women and women who coach privately, constitutes a $30,000 contribution on the part of our company to growing the next generation of women leaders.

If you are interested in being considered for one of these scholarship slots, please email our Operations Director, Marijo Bilitski, at marijo@gaialeadershipproject.com, with a brief statement as to why you’d like to be considered.

Second, we will be donating 20% of all our revenue from this program to the ACLU.

As I mentioned in my post on How to Use Your Money, Time and Privilege to Support the Resistance, the ACLU should be our number one target for fundraising because they are on the front lines of opposing rollbacks of rights by the Trump administration in court, regardless of the group affected.

In 2016, The Women’s Leadership Coach Certification Program was a multiple six figure revenue program for our company, so we expect that our contribution to the ACLU as a result of this effort will be in the mid-five figures.

If you are interested in joining us in this program and taking your activism to the next level while also growing your own leadership and supporting this critical cause, please check out the program page and register to join us right here.

No matter how you are a part of the resistance right now, I urge you to take care of yourself, take breaks from this incredibly fast news cycle, and connect deeply with those you love and care about.

What will happen next is unknown to all of us, but I do know this: there is no way that we will get through it without our connection to and support of each other in our own communities, around the nation, and worldwide.

The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership is here for you. If there is anything whatsoever that we can do to serve you, please just reach out to us.

We are a part of the Resistance.

We are the next generation of women leaders, and we are making history right now.

Stay in it, women. The future depends on us.


All my best,


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