shutterstock_176130422So, it’s been a crazy week in these parts. A trip out of town that included unforeseen problems with our hotel, the celebration of the first birthday of our jolly happy son, and a few unusual developments on the business front conspired to make my life quite a bit more complicated than usual.

The result for me was not enough sleep, not enough exercise, and more anxiety than usual for the past seven days.

And though I’m getting back on track, I found myself uncharacteristically avoidant about posting a blog today.

So much so that I thought to myself, “well, I’ve posted a blog and sent a newsletter every single Wednesday for the past 2.5 years. What’s one week off?”

(Yes, even coaches experience resistance like this too.)

Fortunately, I knew immediately that this was so out of character that I called in a pinch hitter. Cue the phone call to my husband: “I’m feeling totally uninspired. I have no idea what to write about. I don’t know what to do. I mean, what if I don’t post a blog just this once? It’s my business, I can do that right?”

What he said back to me kicked me right off the fence and into this post.

He said: “Write about why integrity matters.”

(I think he might have been smirking while he said it.)
(He’s a smart man.)

It was absolutely the right suggestion, at absolutely the right moment.

Why? Because integrity is all about keeping your promises. And it really, really matters that you keep the promises you make to yourself and others.

(That includes promises to blog every Wednesday to your loyal, reliable, wonderful readers.)

Because acting out of integrity does some pretty negative things.

It screws with your sense of self, because not keeping your word feels AWFUL.

It messes with your belief in your own trustworthiness, because if you can’t keep your promises to yourself, how can you keep them to others?

And it keeps you from propelling forward, because sometimes, we all just need to buckle down and do the work, and if we can’t do that when things are hard, why bother when things are easy?

Integrity matters tremendously.

Integrity with yourself and others is the backbone of your self-esteem. (click to tweet)

So what do you do when you’re tempted to step out of integrity?

You do what I did today: you invite those who love you to be your backbone when your own feels weak.

You see, it’s awfully easy to talk yourself out of doing what you know needs to be done when the only person you’re talking to is yourself.

It’s a lot harder to break your promises when you admit to someone who loves you that you’re being tempted to do so.

As with all things in life, connection matters.

Those of love us reflect back to us what is possible for us, even when we’re feeling out of alignment.

And we ALL need that reminder every once in a while. Even those of us who are pretty good at integrity generally.

And I’ll let you in on another secret: it feels pretty good to stick with your promises even when it’s hard. It reminds us of what we’re made of.

This week, I invite you to keep your promises to yourself and others, and to seek support when you feel you might fall down on the job.

You’re worth that effort, I promise.


All the best,






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