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This week, Elizabeth invites us to think about the coming year as an opportunity to make real change for women in our workplaces.

Believe it or not, almost 20 years into the 21st century, we still have major corporations and other organizations out there that don’t have any policies, women’s affinity groups or leadership programming for their female employees.

It’s time for that to change. And we can, as women leaders, be the catalyst for that change in the coming year.

It means learning how to ally with other women, taking small and steady steps toward our goals, and using our voices in ways that may make others uncomfortable.

You will not win everybody over. Not everyone will be happy with you. That has to be okay.

The mission and purpose of supporting women’s leadership is greater and more important than our own individual discomfort at this moment in time. It’s simply the work we have to do to make the change that’s necessary for our future.

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