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Are you willing to not be liked in order to get the good work done?

The more you fight for what you believe in, the more you stand in your own integrity and work to fulfill your true purpose, the more people who will show up who just don’t like you.

When we’re fighting for what’s right, pushback can cause us anger and hurt.  It can be incredibly distracting from the purpose of our work. The question all of us need to consider right now is whether we are going to stay in the arena and fight for what’s right.  Are we willing to risk the blood, sweat, and tears to bring about the more just and equitable world we know is possible?

What we don’t have time for anymore in this great new age of women’s leadership is the fear of being despised.  

In this week’s episode, Elizabeth urges us consider that the pushback and hurt is not about us.  That if we are out there seeking to change the world in ways that benefit the whole, if we are in the game to make a difference, some people will not like it. That’s simply not something that we can allow to keep us from stepping in.  

Consider this week’s episode an invitation to you to step into the arena and fight for the greater good.

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