Ok, so I’ll freely confess that this week’s video is one I did as a reminder to myself, as well as for all of you.

That’s because I’ve been really challenged in the last few months with regard to my self-care.  Yep, there’s nothing like being pregnant and having a new baby to make you fall off the self-care wagon.

What do I mean by self-care?  Just those little things like exercise, making time with friends, even making time with your partner.  I fell off the wagon on those things big time in the last little while.

However, I’ve taken the last few weeks to really reconnect with friends, start my exercise plan up again and start making plans with my husband for some “us” time.  It feels SO GOOD to be back in the swing.

So, today, I’m talking to you about why your self-care matters, how to prioritize it even when you’re busy and how to get back on the wagon when you’ve fallen off.  Check it out below.


In the comments below, tell me what you do to take care of yourself when you most need it!  I’d love to hear from you.

And as always, I’d be honored if you’d share this video with friends and colleagues if you liked it.  The share buttons are below.

Thanks so much and have a good week.






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