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Before we launched Season 3 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast, we asked listeners what they’d like to hear from Elizabeth.

We were surprised, and then not surprised, that many of you wanted an episode dealing with the shame that comes with an ending like divorce.

So, this week on the podcast, Elizabeth breaks down shame and the systems of oppression – both external and the ones we’ve internalized – that keep us stuck in it.

The important messages of this podcast include

  • Perfection is a tool of oppression.
  • Find a safe, loving and appropriate space to speak your shame.
  • Then, commit to the brave act of claiming your decisions and moving forward into your new future.  

It all adds up to this: You have the right to the beautiful life of love and leadership that you choose.

Enjoy this fourth episode of Season 3 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast: Shame, Grief and Speaking Your Stories.   iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher

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