Resist. Inspire. Speak. Empower.
An Activist/Leader Bootcamp

As a citizen committed to our democracy, you’ve been called to new levels of engagement in our government and in your own life since last year’s election.

You’ve marched. You’ve made your phone calls. You’ve sent your Resistbot faxes. Maybe you’ve even sent handwritten notes to your members of Congress to express your concern about the future of our nation.

You’ve got a burgeoning sense that as a part of the Resistance, you’re making a difference. And in your own life, you’re speaking out and working for change.

Right now, you’re great at following the lead of others as you engage in efforts to make the world a better place.

But what would it be like to have the tools, skills, and voice to channel your current commitment into becoming an activist leader who inspires, effects change on a larger scale, and connects with others to create the world we all want to live in?


Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, a world-renowned executive and leadership coach, host of the viral daily broadcast #ResistanceLive, and the Founder of Gaia Project Consulting and The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, has created a brand-new program known as RISE: An Activist/Leader Bootcamp, for burgeoning activists who want to become powerful change-agents at work, in life and in the world.

This program incorporates years of Elizabeth’s experience coaching leaders to rise, but with a brand-new, activist bent designed to take your commitment to making the world a better place to the next level.

Elizabeth has coached thousands of executives in government, the private sector and non-profits to create change. She has been featured on CNN, NPR and HuffPost Live, as well as in Forbes, The Huffington Post, DailyWorth, Elle Magazine, The Glass Hammer and numerous other outlets. Her work has earned the support of women leaders like Arianna Huffington, Ali Brown, Amanda Steinberg, Chantal Pierrat, and many other high-profile women leaders worldwide.

Elizabeth’s company, Gaia Project Consulting, has trained leaders on six continents to know their worth, own their power, and lead others in practice and by example—whether at home, at work or in the world.

Gaia Project Methodology

Here at the Gaia Project, we are:

Obsessed with not just #Resistance, but with what’s coming next

We aim to train and create activist leaders who are going to save the world, AND ALSO build a better future.

Intersectional, vision-based, and committed

We provide holistic, supportive, and active communities.

Focused on creating maximum impact quickly

We are also rigorous in our commitment to ethics, open and reconciliatory communication, and collaborative action to create change.

At the completion of this program, you’ll have a vision for your leadership, the tools to use your voice for change, an understanding of how and where your gifts will make the most impact, and a commanding belief in your capacity to make a difference.

Registration for 2017 is now closed.

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As an ideal activist/leader bootcamp trainee, you might be a:

— burgeoning activist in your community who wants to learn how to make more of a difference

— newly awakened citizen who wants to solve problems and create community in your own environment

— executive looking to change the culture and/or policies of your organization toward more fairness and inclusion

— woman (or man!) who is considering running for office for the first time, and who wants to develop her/his voice and message to benefit others

— entrepreneur who wants to use her platform to better the world

— an introvert who nonetheless wants to learn how to be a better advocate for others and a change-agent in the world

As an ideal activist/leader bootcamp trainee, you:

— Are wildly committed to creating a better world—one that accepts and values intersectionality, believes in equal rights and opportunity for all, and is committed to the principle that we leave no one behind in hopelessness

— Know that your success as a leader and an activist is integrally linked to the success of others

—Are curious about how your voice and your leadership, whether at work, in your community or in the world, could have a greater impact than it does now

— Are committed to your own ongoing personal and professional development through the program and beyond

— Believe in your capacity to lead others, or be open to getting there

— Are willing to experiment with new tools and strategies to serve others and yourself

— Are on board with creating your own legacy to benefit others everywhere

Elizabeth challenges you to step up into your leadership in all areas of your life by encouraging you to lead as a woman, a woman who has a life, has a business, has a purpose, has a family, and a million other obligations. She encourages you to take care of your whole self and to lead by example by being an example. I love her focus on authenticity and integrity, vulnerability and courage. I’ve felt pushed to step more boldly into my visibility, to stand firmly in my values and vision, and to know with unshaken tenacity that my work matters to the world, to women's leadership."

Megan Hale


Program Details

RISE will start on October 16, 2017 and run for eight weeks. This program is virtual and will be completely accessible to you no matter where you live.

Throughout the program, you’ll receive weekly training videos, written thought-points and journaling exercises. As well, we’ll meet once a week on the phone (all calls will be recorded and provided to registrants in case you can’t attend every one), and you’ll have a chance to sit on the “hot seat” on weekly calls to get individual feedback from Elizabeth.

Lastly, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group where you can connect, network and receive support from your fellow activist/leader trainees in a caring and supportive environment, guided by our community director.

(Additionally, as an added bonus, we are opening ten 1:1 coaching slots for activist/leaders who want weekly private coaching with Elizabeth during the program for an additional cost. Once a week for 45 minutes, you’ll meet virtually with Elizabeth to privately discuss your challenges and goals, strategize to become the activist/leader you want to become, and benefit from Elizabeth’s commitment, coaching and support to get you there.)

Here’s what the program will cover:

October 2017

Finding and Using Your Voice; Identifying Your Gifts; Overcoming Limiting Beliefs; Effective Resistance; Envisioning the Future

November 2017

Leading by Example; Creating Conversation; Where to Make an Impact; Building Community; Refining Your Message

December 2017

Cultivating, Inspiring and Empowering Others; Taking Action; Making a National and Global Impact; Future Activist/Leadership and Your Legacy


Throughout the program, there will be opportunities to discuss and collaborate on activism, leadership, resistance and future-building with your fellow trainees.

Executives will also have the opportunity to discuss becoming a change-agent within their organization, and how to shift corporate culture for the better.

And lastly, you’ll receive written exercises and workbooks that will be yours to keep for your personal use now and in the future under the terms of the program agreement.

Upon completion of the program, the tools and training we’re providing will serve to grow your leadership, activism and community as we all stand arm-in-arm to resist, lead and rise.

Registration for Fall 2017 is now closed.

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The value of this program is in excess of $8000.

However, we are committed to making this program as accessible as possible, and for that reason are pricing the program at an early-bird price of $999 until October 1st, and thereafter at $1599. A payment plan is available.

(And if you’re interested in being one of the ten dynamic activist/leaders to receive weekly individual coaching from Elizabeth for the duration of the program, your investment will be $9999, again with a payment plan available. These slots are first come, first serve and we will close registration for private coaching in conjunction with RISE as soon as these slots fill.)

Please note that your investment in the program is non-refundable. We trust you to make the right decision for yourself in alignment with your finances, availability and level of interest.

Registration for Fall 2017 is now closed.

Some of our past graduates have successfully sought reimbursement from their employers for our programs as a part of their professional development. We are happy to work with you to make that happen if possible.

Got questions? Email us here.

We can’t wait to get started with you in this dynamic new program. Here’s to resistance, leadership, and a future where all of us can RISE!

All the best,

Elizabeth and the entire Gaia Project Team

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