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Resist. Inspire. Speak. Empower.
An Activist/Leader Bootcamp

The last few years have been ones of great struggle. The pandemic, looming fascism, voter suppression, attacks on civil and human rights, and now war in Ukraine have left all of us burnt out and unsure of what to do next.


We know we need to work to change the world, but how? What’s the best place to channel our efforts? How can we most effectively learn to use our voices for change?


With the 2022 election cycle squarely on the horizon, it’s time for us to do the work to save democracy, dismantle white supremacist patriarchy, and build a better world for all.


What would it be like to have the tools, skills, and voice to channel your current commitment into being an effective activist leader who inspires, creates change on a large scale, and connects with others to create the world we all want to live in?


What would it feel like to have the courage to stand firmly for what you believe in, on the issues that you care most about, and not back down? To speak with those who may disagree with strength and conviction, and move us all toward solutions?

What if you could:

  • Overcome internalized oppression and limiting beliefs so that they no longer hold you back?
  • Claim your voice completely, and identify where you can use it effectively to bring about change?
  • Have a clear vision for the future you are committed to building?
  • Be clear on your values and core messages and make sure your actions are aligned to those messages?
  • Lead by example and use your stories to inspire others to rise?
  • Explore the scope and breadth of the legacy you want to leave in the world?

Join us for RISE: An Activist/Leader Bootcamp

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, a world-renowned executive and leadership coach, host of the viral daily broadcast #ResistanceLive, and the Founder of Gaia Project Consulting and The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, created RISE: An Activist/Leader Bootcamp, for burgeoning activists who want to become powerful change-agents at work, in life and in the world.

This program incorporates years of Elizabeth’s experience coaching leaders to rise, but with an activist bent designed to take your commitment to making the world a better place to the next level.

Because when you have the tools and support to do the inner work, you can expand your vision of what you’re capable of in the external world, while also testing and refining your biggest, most creative activist ideas.

Now in its 8th incarnation, RISE has transformed the lives and activism of over 625 prior participants.

They came to RISE for lots of different reasons. But they all knew they wanted to be challenged to confront their limiting beliefs, expand their voices, and create bigger impacts.

And, that’s exactly what RISE helped them do. They’ve planned marches and demonstrations. They’ve gone back to school. They’re managing campaigns. They’re advocating for people who are underserved in their communities. And they’re running for office.

Watch this short video to hear their stories:

Rise is now OPEN!


Join us at the RISE, and receive
– 8 weeks of video training & exercises from Elizabeth
– Membership in a private Atelier community over 8 weeks
– Bonus Recorded Welcome Call
– Bonus training on Deep Canvassing with a Guest Speaker

RISE Methodology

Here at the Gaia Project, we are:

Obsessed with not just #Resistance, but with what’s coming next

We aim to train and create activist leaders who are going to save the world, AND ALSO build a better future.

Inclusive, intersectional, vision-based, and committed

We provide holistic, supportive, and active communities.

Focused on creating maximum impact quickly

We are also rigorous in our commitment to ethics, open and reconciliatory communication, and collaborative action to create change.

At the completion of this program, you’ll have a vision for your leadership, the tools to use your voice for change, an understanding of how and where your gifts will make the most impact, and a commanding belief in your capacity to make a difference.

Program Details


RISE Content & Curriculum



Upon enrolling, you'll immediately receive a welcome email that will give you instructions on joining The Atelier, the private member community AND the private RISE area, where the RISE course will be hosted. There will also be some short pre-work to make sure you are prepared and ready to hit the ground running in Week 1, starting April 18th.

Week 1: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

We believe that when we change the inner, we change the outer - in other words, that we need to start with ourselves and our inner thought processes. What are the internalized messages that hold us back - our limiting beliefs? What traumatic experiences are haunting us that we can let go of? And what are our gifts?

Week 2: Claiming and Using Your Voice

We all have areas where we are speaking up and areas where we are not? How have we been silenced? And where might we most effectively use our voice while taking into account that it is safer for some than others?

Week 3: Envisioning the Future

It’s hard to move forward if you don’t know what you’re moving towards. Grounding into your values, you’ll explore what the world you want to live in looks like, and what the principles are that you’re committed to building.

Week 4: Resistance to Activism

We start to shift now from internal work to external action by looking at what your current avenues of activism and leadership are and what other areas you might want to explore. We’ll also look at communication styles and advocacy.

Week 5: Community and Leading By Example

What are the communities you belong to where you have influence and impact? Where do you feel resonance, and where are you leading by example? We’ll look at where you are and how you can more completely step into the role of change agent.

Week 6: Refining Your Message

At this point in the program we take a pause and reflect on where you are with regards to your voice, vision and message. How has your viewpoint about yourself changed? Has your vision shifted? What are your core messages, and are the actions you’re taking aligned with those messages?

Week 7: Inspiration and Transparency

We now turn our attention to the critical question of how to help others to rise and claim their gifts. Particularly, we look out how we can use our own stories to inspire others. We also look at the importance of transparency in allowing others to learn and grow from the lessons we’ve learned, and how we can invite others to rise.

Week 8: Global Impact and Your Legacy

In our final week of the program, we explore the scope and breadth of the legacy you want to leave in the world. Do not underestimate the force for change you are and can be in the world! We’ll work through some powerful exercises to envision your future impact and honor growth you’ve been through during the course of this program.

The best thing about RISE was that I developed these relationships that are lifelong. These are women that I can go to who will lift me up and remind me that I’m a warrior. There’s nothing like having that safety net, knowing you are with people you can be real with…. and who know that you have so much to offer, even when you can’t see it in yourself.”

Ally L.

Fall 2017 RISE Member




How RISE works


RISE is a virtual program and will be completely accessible to you no matter where you live in the US or abroad. Plus, you’ll have access to the program materials for the lifetime of our company.

Rise includes weekly training videos and written thought-points and journaling exercises created by Elizabeth.

You’ll also be added to our private RISE group inside our own Atelier community, where you can connect, network with and receive support from your fellow activist/leader trainees in a caring and supportive environment.

Registration for RISE is now OPEN!



RISE Spring 2022 will kick off on April 13th, 2022 and continue for 8 weeks, with content dropping once per week.  You’ll receive a total of 8 weeks of content. The program wraps up the first week of June with your last video. 

You’ll have free access to The Atelier for the duration of the RISE Program.  Since you are already a member of the Atelier, nothing will change, other than your discount for the purchase of Rise.

Everyone who registers will receive a welcome letter outlining their specific RISE schedule of exercises.

During the program, RISE pre-work will be released in the member area of private community area. After that, you’ll receive exercises once per week on Monday’s. The exercises are designed to build on each other, so the best way to approach them is to set aside a couple hours each week to work through them before the next ones are released.

RISE is designed to take roughly 2 hours per week. The weekly exercises include a 10 to 20 minute video recording with context, explanation, and a little “before you dive into this exercise” coaching from ECM.

The time you invest in the exercises after you watch the video content is really up to you, but roughly 2 hours per week seems to be the norm. Also, some weeks the exercises take a little more time, or they’re designed to be completed in two separate blocks of time with a break in between. You can also break them up into the bite-size chunks that work for you.

We have a philosophy here at the Gaia Project: there is no behind! We realize that life can sometimes interfere with the time you’ve set aside for RISE work, so please don’t worry when that happens. And, the RISE exercises can be a deep dive, and they take the time they take.

That’s why, when you register for RISE, you receive lifetime access to all the materials that go along with the tier you’ve chosen – all the exercises, plus all the call recordings in your tier. You can go back to exercises you haven’t completed or that you want to revisit at any time.

We’ve priced this round of RISE, and created payment plans, with the goal of making it affordable for a wider audience. However, if you are still unable to participate with our payment plans, you can apply to receive a scholarship

Please note: If you’ve ever received a scholarship for RISE or another Gaia Project program in the past, we ask that you not apply during this round. Thank you.

We want to make sure you get all your questions answered.  You’ll have weekly Q&A threads that Elizabeth will respond to weekly.  You can also email us with concerns or questions at info@gaialeadershipproject.com. We’ll respond or direct you to the Gaia Project team member who can best support you.

Yes!  Your donations are gracious and we appreciate them.  You generous donation will go directly to a scholarship applicant.  You are welcome to donate here.

Because of the substantial time and effort we invest in preparation for this program, no refunds are available. We encourage and trust you to make the best decision for you with regard to your enrollment in this program.

Please note that your investment in the program is non-refundable. We trust you to make the right decision for yourself in alignment with your finances, availability and level of interest.

Some of our past graduates have successfully sought reimbursement from their employers for our programs as a part of their professional development. We are happy to work with you to make that happen if possible.

Got other questions? Email us here.

We can’t wait to get started with you in this dynamic new program. Here’s to resistance, leadership, and a future where all of us can RISE!

All the best,

Elizabeth and the entire Gaia Project Team

About Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

Elizabeth is a world-renowned executive and leadership coach, host of the viral daily broadcast #ResistanceLive, and the Founder of Gaia Project Consulting and The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership.

Elizabeth has coached thousands of executives in government, the private sector and non-profits to create change. She has been featured on CNN, NPR and HuffPost Live, as well as in Forbes, The Huffington Post, DailyWorth, Elle Magazine, The Glass Hammer and numerous other outlets. Her work has earned the support of women leaders like Arianna Huffington, Ali Brown, Amanda Steinberg, Chantal Pierrat, and many other high-profile women leaders worldwide.

Elizabeth’s company, Gaia Project Consulting, has trained leaders on six continents to know their worth, own their power, and lead others in practice and by example—whether at home, at work or in the world.

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