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What would it feel like to take a conscious pause to reconsider the choices you’ve made about where you invest your time & effort?

If you’re like many of the women leaders that we’re working with, right now it’s feeling almost impossible to handle everything that our lives throw at us.

We’re expected to show up ready to perform at our best at work. More than 40% of us are primary breadwinners. We’re still relied upon to manage most of the childcare and take on most of the unpaid labor to maintain our households.

In this week’s episode, Elizabeth urges us to pause, pull back from the day to day, and look consciously at the ways we spend our time and energy. The change of seasons is a perfect time to pull back and think through in really concrete terms, “How can I recalibrate my life to represent what I want it to look like?

Consider this week’s episode an invitation to you to contemplate whether or not the things you are doing from day to day truly are in service of the larger mission of your life. Taking the time to recalibrate can actually be critical to our future growth as women leaders.

How you spend your time is a choice. It’s your choice.

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