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This week, Elizabeth invites us to consider the opportunity we have right now to build hope, for ourselves and others.

There’s no doubt about it – many of the women in this country have been through a horrific time in the last few weeks.

Seeing women be ignored, disregarded and silenced on the national stage has, for many of us, triggered trauma and memories of being silenced repeatedly in our own personal and professional lives.

One thing we can do right now to create hope is reach down within ourselves.

Reach down into your memories and recall the experiences and practices that anchor your values. Use those practices and experiences to find and nurture your best self. Remind yourself of your basic human dignity. And then, from that renewed place of groundedness and leadership, reach down to lift women who aren’t there yet.

This is the greatest calling in women’s leadership right now: to reach deep into ourselves to find our footing and then use that to lift others up. That’s how we’ll create hope.  

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