shutterstock_177863339In the last few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for details on how I stay organized and on top of my game, while running two growing businesses and being the primary breadwinner for a family of four, with two kids under the age of three.

Trust me, it’s not easy. And without technology, it would be impossible.

Every day, on top of coaching my clients, managing the launch team for 40 Percent and Rising, and doing a whole slew of other things to propel my businesses and my family forward, I also manage our money, schedule our lives, and deal with every day mundane things like (ahem) taxes– which incidentally are due today if you filed for an extension for 2013!

And so, this week, I thought I’d share with you my favorite apps and resources for keeping my life in order every day. Some of them are total lifesavers. All of them will help you to stay on top of your game, too.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Uberconference. Uberconference is a genius service that will give you your own conference line, no passcode required, for $10 a month. It provides international dialing codes (a must for me given that my clients live on four different continents), a recording feature, the ability to schedule conferences in advance, save past conferences, and even dial others from your desktop. Best of all, their hold music is a custom song about being (ahem) stuck on hold on a conference line. It makes every client laugh, every time– even when I’m thirty seconds late.

Highrise. The perfect small business customer relationship manager, Highrise is my go-to app to maintain data and notes on every client I have. I customize fields within Highrise to maintain important client info, including LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles and personal contact info. I also keep track of client coaching assignments using Highrise’s notes feature. Some of my clients use Highrise for their client sales info, or to maintain networking contacts. Any way you slice it, Highrise is a great way to keep track of important people in your life and business.

Teamwork. My awesome web designer Zsofi Koller turned me on to Teamwork when she adopted it recently for all her web design projects. A project management program, Teamwork allows you to upload files, maintain timetables and deadlines, and send messages across the entire team on pending issues. It’s also beautifully designed and organized. And it’s kept web design for 40 Percent and Rising cooking right along.

Google Drive. I write my newsletters, draft web content, and design all my offerings using documents saved and shared on Google Drive. And I get a little thrill every time I share things with my team without even sending an email.

Todoist. I’ve just started experimenting with Todoist to maintain my (massive, ever-growing) to do list on a daily basis. So far, my favorite features are the daily email reminders and the “karma points” allocated for completion. I’ve tested out a ton of list apps in my day, and so far this one is working quite well.

Pomodoro. My latest productivity discovery is Pomodoro, a timer that runs for 25 minutes so that you can focus exclusively on a given task– and then take a mandatory five minute break. As my clients know, I’m not a fan of multitasking because it decreases productivity exponentially. Pomodoro is a great tool to help you stay focused on one task for a prioritized period of time.

Wordswag. Ever wondered how I make those beautiful, inspiring images that I post daily on Twitter and my professional Facebook page? One word: Wordswag.

Simply Being. This basic meditation app allows you to plug in and meditate (both guided and just with sounds or music) for a short designated period of time. It’s great for subway commutes at the end of a long day.

iCloud Calendar. I have my calendar on my iPad and iPhone linked to four other calendars that cover various aspects of my life– work, personal, my kids, and important dates to remember. They all land neatly in iCal in color coded format, so I know instantly what’s on deck on a given day.

iBooks. Last but not least, I now read almost every book I read– and I read a lot– on my iPad or phone. iBooks gets a workout on my devices every day.

I’m curious: what productivity apps and resources do you use? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks and have a great week.

All the best,






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