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Haven is a 28 day program for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in the current news cycle, and who wants to find ways to create space, peace and relief for herself and others while continuing to fight back.

Haven is now CLOSED.

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Healing The Heroine

Healing the Heroine is a year-long journey of deep transformation designed to heal the wounds that have silenced us and guide everyone who participates to her own inner heroine.

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The Women’s Leadership Coach Training Program

For executives, coaches, HR professionals, and healers who want to become certified Gaia Project coaches, this fourteen week program is offered once a year, and includes dynamic virtual and live training, tremendous community, marketing and business building opportunities, and culminates in certification in our methodology.

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RISE: An Activist/Leader Bootcamp

This program incorporates years of Elizabeth’s experience coaching leaders to rise, but with an activist bent designed to take your commitment to making the world a better place to the next level. Because when you have the tools and support to do the inner work, you can expand your vision of what you’re capable of in the external world, while also testing and refining your biggest, most creative activist ideas.

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