shutterstock_60187261This week, I’m enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation with my family on vacation in North Carolina.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about you, though.

End of Summer is a good time to look back on all that you’ve achieved so far this year, and to start planning for all you want to do come Fall.

And so this week, I’m taking the opportunity to revisit of my most popular posts of the last year or so to get you grateful for where you’ve been and inspired for where you’re going. Read on.

Are you committed to having a better work/life balance for the rest of the year? This post will tell you how.

Want to get motivated to achieve all your remaining personal goals this year? Try this tactic that’s so easy a kid can do it.

If you’re beating yourself up for where you find yourself mid-year, stop! Here’s how to get past that and on with what matters.

And lastly, if you’re still having trouble saying no when you know you need to, read this, and resolve that for the rest of 2014, you’ll protect your boundaries and preserve your self-esteem.

Here’s to what’s coming next! Have a fantastic end of summer and I’ll talk to you in a week!

All the best,





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