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What would it look like if you could be completely yourself in every area of your life

As women, we often feel that we need to lead segregated lives.  

It can feel like we are never really anywhere where we can be completely at ease and ourselves.  We’ve all internalized that sense of fear that if we are who we really are, we will be perceived as either “not enough” or “too much”. This is part of the experience of living in patriarchy.

And the problem is that the line is always shifting as to what’s acceptable, so that we can never meet the goals that are set out for us.

In this week’s podcast episode, Elizabeth talks about having the capacity to be completely yourself in every area of your life and every aspect of what you do, as fearlessly as possible.

The value of being comfortable with the totality of who you are is far greater than the value of other people’s approval.

If you’re feeling like you’ve been taught that you are here to make others “feel good,” that you’re meant to be “nurturing”, that you need to prioritize other people’s happiness over your own, that if you’re not pleasing others, you’re not good enough, then this episode is for you.

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