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This week, Elizabeth reminds us that it’s okay to give yourself permission to step back a little bit when you need to. It’s not everyday that you will take the day by the reins, but the power is in letting yourself sit back and collaborate to let others take the lead when you need to rest and refill.

The idea of collaborative efforts in teams of women is powerful. Elizabeth encourages us to create or seek out tribes of women, where you trust and are invested in the same endeavor, and can share the lead, much as geese do when they fly.  

The seat of the teacher has to rotate. This allows all of us as a collective to feed one another through learning, energy and education.

If we do not allow this, we are missing out on the bodies of knowledge that are available to us from each person. Remember this: You can craft collaborative working circumstances where you don’t have to take the lead all the time, yet when you do, you are giving other women the chance to fall back and rest.  It’s the only way to be sustainable and avoid burnout.

Check out Episode 14 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast Keeping On, for the inspiration you need to continue for the long haul.

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