shutterstock_216656491So maybe you’ve had this experience from time to time:

You had a big vision.

You’ve put in a lot of effort.

You’ve struggled and you’ve figured things out and you’ve overcome obstacles.

And then, in what seems like a sudden moment, everything clicks into place.

One after another, like dominos, things that once stood in your way begin to tumble.

You’ve got the wind at your back.

You feel supported everywhere.

Money is flowing.

And you KNOW you’re going to succeed– maybe even beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s a great place to be, right?

So why, then, do so many of us take that moment as the moment to start wondering when the other shoe is going to drop?

I’ve got a number of clients (and I’ll candidly admit that I hear this more from women than from men) who can’t experience one whit of success without wondering when something bad is going to drop to ruin it all.

It’s a really problematic pattern, mainly because of two laws of the Universe upon which I’ve come to rely: first, if you don’t show appreciation for what you’ve been given, more will not show up, and second, your thoughts govern the outcome of your life.

Let me repeat that: your thoughts govern the outcome of your life.

I don’t mean that in some kind of hokey “The Secret” sort of way.

I mean that your thoughts necessarily predicate your actions, and that you will behave a certain way, even without consciously choosing to do so, based on what you believe.

In other words, if you believe that only so much good can come to you, that limit will be real, and YOU will make it so.

So how do we get around the “other shoe” phenomenon? Good question.

When you are really in the flow of your own ability, vision and success, you know how peaceful it feels, right?

I liken it to how I felt in law school, when I studied my tush off for an exam, walked into class, wrote for three straight hours, and walked out knowing that I had nailed it– that I didn’t need to worry, because I had done everything necessary for my success.

There is calm in stepping into your power. (tweet this)

This, my friends, is the true way to avoid the other shoe.

You have to believe that you deserve what you are experiencing– all that success, all that abundance, all that joy– and know that you have done what it takes to get there.

You have to get comfortable sitting in the calm, in other words.

You have to be willing to release the drama of not getting what you want.

And more than anything, you have to be grateful for the experience.

Because success will change you, no question. Whether it changes you for the better, or creates more anxiety, is your choice.

The next time you find yourself asking when the next shoe is going to drop, pause, and notice what else is going on behind the scenes. Are you scared? Are you feeling unworthy? Are you clinging to old modes of operating that don’t support your current level of success?

I’m here to tell you that there is no other shoe. (tweet this)

You deserve love, acceptance, success, joy, financial stability, happiness, peace– anything, truly, that is in alignment with your highest version of yourself.

You deserve the rewards of your path and your struggle.

You deserve to love your life.

Go get it, Tiger.

Have a great week.




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