I get asked a lot how I went from being a full-time lawyer to being a coach. Many people are surprised to learn that I actually started my practice from difficult circumstances: a layoff.

I had been practicing law at a huge Wall Street law firm, and I had survived four prior rounds of layoffs when my boss came to me a few days before Christmas and told me that chances were good that I’d be out of work in six months.

Although I eventually decided to opt in to the layoff a few months earlier, it didn’t make the fact that I’d been laid off any easier. At the time, though, I didn’t want to admit how hard it was to be selected for a layoff, even arbitrarily.

I’ll be candid: the experience of getting over the layoff wasn’t easy. And in the end it took several years.

That’s why I’m talking about a hard issue in this week’s video: how to deal with grief when it comes to job loss or transition. Check it out below.


In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your number one takeaway from this video? How have you dealt with a difficult career transition?

And as always, I’d be honored if you’d share this video with anyone you know who might need it.

Have a great week.




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