As we approach 2014, I’ve started doing my annual review of where things are and where things are going for me, both personally and professionally. Those of you who have worked with me know that I’ve been working with annual Vision Statements for many years now. This year, however, I’m working with a whole new system– one that I will be discussing further in an upcoming newsletter– which I have found to be revolutionary. I think you’ll find it a useful tool as you progress into 2014 as well, so stay tuned.

As a part of my annual review process, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on one of my big bugaboos of the year which is shared by many of my clients: poverty mentality, a.k.a. the limiting belief that I will never have all that I want in life, and that there’s just not enough to go around.

The way that this has manifested itself for me recently is that I’ve been focusing on things that I really, really want but don’t have, and then obsessing about the lack. If I stay in that place for too long, bad bad things happen– you might actually hear things like “I’ll never own a home again” come out of my mouth. Seriously.

So this week, I started to really explore the issue of poverty mentality with an eye toward cutting it off at the knees.

How have I done it? I’ve set out on a radical new practice, inspired by the work of Danielle LaPorte: a practice of appreciation of what is.

Here’s how it works:

1) Make a list of everything you want that you feel is lacking in your life right now. Start here: “I want . . . .” Write until you’re done.

2) Next, below each item, write “I already have . . . .”

So for me, some examples of this were the following:

I want: a big beautiful house in which to raise my family.

I already have: a spacious two bedroom apartment in New York City that most people would kill for.

I want: massages at the spa every six weeks.

I already have: a husband who will rub my shoulders any time I ask him to.

I want: to get back to voice lessons (some of you may not know that I sing and write music).

I already have: a daily practice where I sing my daughter off to bed that is a wonderful source of joy in my life.

When I completed this exercise in the past few days around everything that I “want” right now, I was shocked to discover that my life, in total, actually looks and feels completely amazing at the moment, and even better, that I actually have much of what I want already, albeit in a different form.

Just completing this practice put me in a state of profound reverence for all that is good in my life. And it goes without saying that having reverence for what you already have is the surest way to get more of what you want headed in your direction. Trust me on this.

What I’ve also found is that even when things go a bit off kilter thereafter– a big hospital bill shows up, for instance, or I quibble with my husband– I can return to that state of reverence simply by reminding myself of all that I already have, and that all of it is already a manifestation of what I want for myself in the big picture.

So this week, I’m inviting you to find reverence for what is. Test out this exercise, and tell me in the comments below how it feels for you to complete it. I hope that it will be as radically uplifting for you as it has been for me.

Wishing you a week of massive appreciation for all that is good in your life.




PS. VERY BIG THINGS are happening next week at Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s newsletter when I’ll be announcing some super-yummy stuff.




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