shutterstock_123836719For years, people have been telling me that a big part of generating abundance in life is having faith that the Universe is on your side, that all is happening as it should, and that all will arrive in its time.

Without a doubt, that’s true.

However, if you’re like me, you tend to worry a little– scratch that, a lot– that maybe things don’t actually work that way, and panic is a better option. (LOL.)

I’ve even been known to think that if I don’t worry, I won’t be prepared for what’s coming next.

A funny thing has happened to me over the last few months, however: I’ve stepped into a place of faith.

No, I don’t mean that in the religious sense.

I mean it in the sense of trusting that “all is working out for the best.”

I mean it in the sense of having patience that all I want is on its way to me.

I mean it in the sense that I can actually, to a really substantial degree, let go of worry.

So how did I get here?

Two months ago, a highly intuitive friend and fellow coach pointed out to me that, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been operating for quite some time in a feast or famine cycle in life. As she put it, I was a fan of creating scarcity because I liked to “test myself” to see what I could manifest under pressure.

(And then she laughed. Because when you think about it, opting to do that to yourself is pretty funny).

However, before my friend said this to me, I had never previously considered myself an agent of this cycle.

Instead, I had felt like I was trapped on a hamster wheel, in a constant drive for more– more money, more time, more energy, more brand awareness– only to have whatever more I generated vanish as soon as it arrived, eaten up by another need.

It felt as though this cycle was never-ending, and would be a permanent fixture in my life.

So when my friend pointed out to me that I was in fact (of course) creating this cycle in my own life, that was a fairly earth-shattering observation.

But I also found myself uncharacteristically unable to figure out how to step out of this cycle– that’s how ingrained it had been in my life for the last few years.

And so, once again, I reached out to my friend for help. And when I asked her for a solution, what she suggested was radically simple.

“Decide to unplug from the cycle. Just unplug. You know what triggers it. You know what it feels like. Pay attention, and consciously unplug.”

This was a radical thought.

And while she also offered me some additional ideas on how to manifest continuously instead of in a feast or famine model (more on that in a later post), the biggest revelation for me was that I had the CHOICE as to whether to participate in this cycle now and in the future.

So how has this led me to a place of trust and faith? And how might you get there too?

Since the time of this conversation with my friend, I’ve become intimately familiar with how this cycle of feast/famine/panic feels in my body.

I know now, almost instantly, that when I start to panic about not having enough (of anything), the trigger for the cycle has arrived.

When I notice that sensation, I put a conscious thought into my head that says “no, I am unplugging from that cycle.” It even provokes a visual, like unplugging a cord from a wall socket.

And then, I turn to a few mantras that have taken up residence in my head of late. Mantras like:

Just trust.

Have faith.

Know that it’s all coming to you.

Detach from the means– they are irrelevant.

Stay open.

Welcome what’s coming next.

Believe it or not, this has worked remarkably well. If I rattled off the list of events that have occurred in my life since then, you’d be shocked.

But if you’re still doubting me and having trouble with, well, faith, here’s just one instance of proof.

I tested all of this conscious-unplugging-in-favor-of-faith in a very concrete way in late February because (I’ll be honest) I was still a little worried (notice that?) that it would actually work.

Background: in late February, I needed to come up with five figures in additional income to justify a significant personal investment I wanted to make in mid-March.

Ordinarily, I would have panicked, freaked out, worked myself to the bone, and still made the number.

This time, however, I did none of those things.

I followed my friend’s advice. I did a little manifestation ritual, and then, I unplugged.

I released the means, paid attention to my triggers, stayed in a place of trust and positive outlook, let go of the panic, did my mantras and had faith– just like I’ve described in this post.

Outcome? I hit my number and exceeded it by 50% more before the deadline.

Faith. Hell yeah.

Have a great week.


PS. Interested in learning how to get to a place of greater faith in your own life? I can help. Reach out here to get started.





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