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Gaia Women Lead

May 2-4, 2018 | Santa Barbara, CA
Beyond Resistance: Heroines, Change and Building the Future

Chair – Tools of Activist Leadership in Corporate

Nikki Innocent is a marketing strategist and leadership coach focusing on women’s leadership and corporate diversity & inclusion efforts. After a decade of experience in the corporate world at companies like Bain & Company and Bain Capital, Nikki ventured into the entrepreneurial world by starting her marketing advisory business, Story & Voice, that helps companies tell their stories and amplify their voices.
Nikki is an experienced diversity & inclusion facilitator that has worked with both individuals and organizations spanning various industries from tech to healthcare to government to e-commerce startups and more. Her passion for connecting people and facilitating inclusive environments has shown to be an integral part of her DNA.
Coming out of her time in primarily white, CIS-gendered, male-dominated environments during her corporate career (private equity, venture capital, management consulting, etc.), Nikki has since focused her energy on ways to shine a light on the experiences of being the “only fill in the blank” in the room — woman, person of color, creative, the list goes on. Nikki believes that storytelling and experience sharing are keys to guiding organizations to celebrate, hire and empower employees with diverse perspectives to create a more inclusive, innovative and profitable workplace for everyone.

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