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Gaia Women Lead

May 2-4, 2018 | Santa Barbara, CA
Beyond Resistance: Heroines, Change and Building the Future

Panelist – Women’s Electoral Activism in 2018

Allison Terracio is a mom, wife, banker, Gaia Project Certified Coach, and candidate for County Council living in Columbia, SC.  In November 2016 Allison was finishing up her days at BNY Mellon, packing her home to move to South Carolina.  Devastated on the morning after the election, she realized that just showing up to vote was not enough.  In the months following the election and the Women’s March in Washington, Allison began volunteering with Planned Parenthood, visiting the offices of her members of Congress, and showing up for rallies and hearings at the State House with her local Indivisible chapter.  On the morning after Elizabeth Warren attempted to read Coretta Scott King’s letter regarding Jeff Sessions and was rebuked by Mitch McConnell, Allison felt that the letter ought to be read out loud and in public.  When no one spoke up to answer the call, she realized that the person to do such a thing had to be her.
Allison has a history of service and community-building.  As a yoga studio owner, she created space for people to gather, learn, and share their lives.  As a doula, she served women through pregnancy, labor, and welcoming their babies in to the world.  Years of learning and training and showing up for others have given her the confidence to learn and train for the next level of service.  From Resistance School to the League of Women Voters, from canvassing for special election candidates to organizing her precinct, from Emily’s List calls to a full Emerge training, Allison shows up and steps out of her comfort zone.


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