Gaia Women Lead

May 2-4, 2018 | Santa Barbara, CA
Beyond Resistance: Heroines, Change and Building the Future

Panelist – Intersectionality & Activism

Alethea Fitzpatrick is a women’s leadership and photography coach. She founded her company, Photosanity, to help women shift the narrative so they can increase their personal and professional impact as leaders without sacrificing themselves in the process.
At Photosanity, we do this through a transformative coaching process that harnesses the power of photography, no matter your level of experience, as a tool to change the stories we tell ourselves and others. We seek to create collaborative, non-hierarchical, diverse and inclusive paradigms of leadership that end the zero sum game and create a better world for all.
Alethea was previously an architect with almost 20 years of experience in NYC designing and managing workplace strategy and corporate interiors projects for major brands. Born and brought up in the UK, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 8 and 5 year old boys.

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