thinkyoucannotdoSometime last summer, I had a bright idea.

I thought, you know, I’ve got all this knowledge and nowhere to put it. I can teach anyone how to land a job.

I thought to myself, I’ll write a book. I percolated on this for a while. I outlined. I allowed the idea to gestate.

Sometime around November, I realized that in fact what I wanted to do was offer an online course to anyone who might need help landing a job they love.

And so, a project was born. And after four months of incredibly hard work, yesterday, it was brought to fruition. (You can learn more about it here.)

But here’s the thing. When I decided I was going to launch an online course, I had never done an online course before.

I knew nothing about membership websites, SSL certificates or autoresponders.

I knew nothing about video recording, screencasting, or Keynote.

I knew nothing about how to market an online course, create an affiliate program, and get it out there.

In short, notwithstanding that I had a good idea, getting to the point of launching this massive endeavor seemed nothing short of impossible.

And yet, I had to do it anyway.

Not like kinda sorta maybe had to do it anyway.

Like HAD to do it.

No matter what it cost.

No matter how much time it took.

No matter what else in my professional or even personal life might have to be sacrificed during the time it would take to complete it.


It called out to me, this project.

It refused to be denied.

(This, I now understand, is why our soul’s path is also known as a CALLING.)

And at each step of the way, as I learned about affiliate programs and SSL certificates and ecommerce and autoresponders, this project continued to call out– nay, scream– my name.

And at some moment in the past few days, in the final hours of putting the finishing touches on the Toolkit, there came a point where literally nothing else mattered but putting out into the world this knowledge that I have acquired over so many years, in the hopes that it would serve someone who needed it.

Everything else fell away.

I was exhausted.

I was spent.

And yet I kept going anyway.

I forgot to eat for about 18 hours (my husband brought me green juice to tide me over).

My apartment was a disaster.

I traversed the last night before the launch and the entire next day on an hour and a half of sleep.

And yet I kept going anyway.

There was such a purity to this moment in time that I almost can’t describe it.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire working life.

You know why?

Because this is what it feels like when your soul, your purpose and your work line up just right, and you become what you are meant to be.

It doesn’t hurt.

It doesn’t cause resentment.

It doesn’t make you angry.

No, the work becomes like a divine workout, or the best sex you’ve ever had, where you’re high off the joy of living in the priceless body you were gifted and the mind that makes it all possible, and though you’re sweaty, tired, sore and spent, you still want more.

Striving toward something so selflessly, with such clarity, in the service of others and through the use of my gifts, well, that state is in some sense the most perfect I have ever been, and the most myself that I have ever felt, in my entire life.

Which brings me to this point: not only can we all have this, but we all DESERVE to have it.

Including you.

And helping you to find it is why I am here. This is my purpose: to serve you on the path to finding it too.

And because of the purity of this knowledge, my success or failure is suddenly, somehow irrelevant. Join me, or don’t. Love my program, or don’t. I’ll still be here.

Because once you’ve tasted THIS kind of thing, well, HELL, there ain’t no going back.

I have now done the impossible.

And here’s what it taught me: the impossible is no longer impossible when it is your soul’s path. (Tweet this.)

Walking the road of your own calling makes it possible to do that which you believe cannot be done.

And it is awesome.

Do the thing you think you cannot do.

Do it sooner rather than later.

And watch your whole life open up to greet you.

Here’s to what’s possible, for all of us.

XOXO Elizabeth







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