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As a leader in your own professional sphere, you know that women, particularly those amongst us that are most marginalized, have often had to work harder, longer and better than anyone else if they want to succeed – and often without any support.

You also know that we’re on the cutting edge of a revolution in women’s leadership, and that today’s powerhouse women leaders have a chance to change the working world forever.

You want to develop and serve women leaders by helping them to share their gifts, succeed like never before, and show others how to lead lives in alignment, while growing the bottom line for good.

The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership is transforming lives and working towards systemic change by creating a new paradigm of leadership, one that is holistic, collaborative and inclusive. We are proud to offer our signature coach training program to a select group who want to learn our proven methodology for growing and developing women as leaders.

Our Founder, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, has used this system to coach thousands of women at all levels of leadership, all the way up to the C-Suite. Her work has been featured on CNN, in Forbes, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, HuffPost Live, DailyWorth, Elle Magazine, The Glass Hammer and numerous other outlets, and has earned the support of women leaders like Arianna Huffington, Ali Brown, Amanda Steinberg, Tara Gentile, and many other high-profile leaders worldwide.

Not just for coaches, this program is for leaders at all levels in corporate, non-profit or activist organizations who wish to have access to more formal coaching and mentoring tools in order to be more effective. And of course, this program is also perfect for coaches and consultants who wish to deepen their skills and gain a coaching certification.

Our certified and advanced certified coaches form a strong community of corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and political leaders who are using our methodology formally or informally to coach and mentor other women to success.

My goal is to help women leaders turn their most vulnerable experiences into life changing assets. The Women’s Leadership Coach Training program delivered. The weekly training sessions were no-fluff and jam-packed with relevant content that could be applied immediately, and the exercises I learned could be used to coach women who are already overwhelmed, short on time, and who need relief now.

Keisha Shields

Founder, Thought Leaders in Stilettos™

Program Details

Our next Women’s Leadership Coach Training Program starts in October 2018 and will run through early March 2019 (a little longer than usual as we will be taking breaks for the holidays). You’ll receive weekly video lessons that are yours to keep, and we’ll meet once a month online for group calls with Elizabeth, plus you’ll receive individualized feedback on the monthly assignments. You’ll identify and work with women leaders as clients so that you can master this dynamic methodology and grow your own profile in the process.


Week 1: Introduction and the Women’s Leadership Pivot Wheel

How the program works and the 9-point pivot wheel (released October 8th)

Our first live group session will take place on Tuesday October 9th, 11am PT / 2pm ET (recording will be available)

Week 2: Getting Started with a Coaching Client

Initial communications, boundaries and ground rules, contracts, pricing, ethics and more (released October 15th)

Week 3: The Intake Form and Initial Breakthrough Session

Process, building trust, developing areas of focus (released October 22nd)

Week 4: Self-confidence, Imposter Complex and Limiting Beliefs

Identifying blocks and their origins, purging past experiences, developing strategies to reframe limiting beliefs and move forward (released October 29th)

Our second live group session will take place on Tuesday October 30th, 11am PT/2pm ET (recording will be available)

Week 5: Boundaries and Effective Communication

Self-Advocacy, delegation, managing up and down, negotiation (released November 5th)

Our first homework assignment is due on Monday November 5th.

Week 6: Career Crisis & Transition

Discrimination/abuse, unconscious bias, job layoff, job hunting strategies, second stage (released November 12th)

Thanksgiving Break (1 week)

Week 7: Mentorship and Sponsorship

Advocating for other women, overcoming competition, advancement (released November 26th)

Week 8: Networking, Marketing and Sales

Relationship building, thought leadership, cross-selling (released December 3rd)

Week 9: Work and Personal life

Personal vs professional goals, holistic approach, authenticity, aligning family with work, dealing with overwhelm (released December 10th)

Our third live call will take place on Tuesday December 11th, 11am PT/2pm ET (recording will be available)

Week 10: Personal Crises Affecting Work

Divorce/breakup, children, other family and personal issues, total life overhaul (released December 17th)

Our second homework assignment is due Monday December 17th.

Holiday Break (2 weeks)

Week 11: Mission, Values and Legacy

Owning your gifts future leadership, self-honoring (released January 7th)

Week 12: Customization of Assignments with Clients

Using your intuition and creativity, the importance of the ask, listening and conversation, results, gauging energy (released January 14th)

Week 13: Winding Down the Coaching Relationship

Conversing about transition, the last two sessions, final exercises, seeking testimonials, returning clients, managing your capacity and more. We also introduce and kick-off the coaching practicum (released January 21st)

Our fourth live call will take place on Tuesday January 22nd, 11am PT/2pm ET (recording will be available)

Our third and final homework assignment is due on Monday January 28th.

Coaching Practicum (January 21st - February 18th)

As part of the program and a requirement for certification, you will be asked to take on two coaching clients. You will provide them with the Gaia Project Intake Form and three 45-minute coaching sessions, pro bono in exchange for feedback submitted directly to the Gaia Project regarding their coaching experience with you. Sessions must be completed and feedback submitted by February 18th, 2019.

1:1 Coaching Certification Call with Elizabeth (to be completed by March 4th)

Once your three homework assignments have been submitted and reviewed, along with feedback from your two coaching practicum clients, we will schedule a 20-minute private coaching certification call for you and Elizabeth to review your participation in the program, answer any questions either of you have, and confirm your eligibility for certification.

Note: we try to stick to the call schedule as closely as possible, but due to Elizabeth’s schedule, occasionally calls need to be rescheduled. All live calls are recorded the replay made available the same day as the call. If you are not available to attend live, you may submit questions ahead of time.


Throughout the program, there will also be opportunities to discuss marketing and business development for trainees who are private coaches. A bonus live call on Marketing Your Coaching Coaching Practice will take place on Tuesday February 5th at 11am PT/2pm ET.

Executives will also have the opportunity to discuss coaching up and coaching down for their own success within their organization, as well as how to facilitate a women’s leadership group.

New for the first time, we will be offering a bonus live session on Coaching from an Intersectional and Inclusive Perspective from Advanced Certified Coach and Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick (she is also our COO). This session will take place on Tuesday January 8th at 11am PT/2pm ET.

And lastly, you’ll receive written exercises and workbooks for use with women leaders pursuant to our licensing agreement with you.

The Tools You Will Learn

The Women’s Leadership Nine Point Pivot Wheel

The Pivot Wheel is the key to understanding our connection to experiences in women's leadership and will unlock our own unique gifts and power.


Learn how to handle initial consults and communication with clients, build trust, and use The Gaia Project Intake Form to evaluate the client's needs.


What is a Limiting Belief, and how can it hold us back? Everyone has them. Learn to guide your client through exercises of self-awareness and re-learning.


Use proven exercises and techniques to guide your client through job transitions, personal crises, overwhelm, and abusive work environments.

The Gaia Coaching Methodology

Our Methodology is:

obsessed with creating a new paradigm for women’s leadership

We cultivate women leaders to share their gifts, succeed like never before, align with their highest values, and change the world in the process

adaptable to your needs

Our approach is flexible for executive, coaching, therapeutic and service-based business arenas


We are focused on maximum impact in the shortest possible time, but also rigorous

This coaching training is a dynamic, formal certification program for all those interested in becoming Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership Certified Coaches.

Successful completion of the program may result in certification in The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership methodology at our discretion, and will include the licensing rights of Gaia Project methodology and tools for 12 months in 1:1 coaching and in-person event scenarios. Successful completion of the program may also include joint marketing opportunities through the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership website and marketing platform.

When you successfully complete the program, you may also be invited to join future programs of the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership as a Transformational Assistant Coach, with a revenue-sharing agreement

This program gave me a structure and methodology that very much resonated with my own experiences and observations throughout my career. I love that I can draw not just from Elizabeth's expertise, but from the experience of the hundreds of women that have worked with the Gaia Project and through whom the methodology has been refined. This has given me access to a level of credibility and effectiveness that would have taken me years to reach by myself.

Alethea Fitzpatrick

Women's Leadership and Team Development www.aletheafitzpatrick.com
As the ideal women’s leadership training candidate, you will:

• Be wildly committed to supporting women leaders as they rise

• Enjoy working 1:1 or in small groups with women executives and/or entrepreneurs, with strong values for trust, accountability, alignment, curiosity, purpose and depth.

• Know that your own success and the success of your business or company is integrally linked to the success of the women you work with

• Have completed substantial personal development work on your own growth, and be committed to your own ongoing personal and professional development through the program and beyond

• Regularly rely on your own intuition for yourself and in business, and trust its value implicitly

• Believe in your capacity to lead others with the right tools

• Be willing to experiment with new tools and strategies to serve others and yourself

• Know how to communicate clearly and passionately in writing and over the phone

• Be results-driven

• Be interested in creating success for yourself and others that doesn’t require burnout or overwhelm

• Be on board with creating your own legacy to benefit women everywhere

As the ideal women’s leadership training candidate, you might be a:

Senior executive looking to develop women leaders in your organization or on your team

Business coach looking for proven tools to benefit and grow women leaders

HR professional looking to add to your skill set to serve women leaders at your company

Life coach looking to further serve women leaders with business-building tools

Therapist or mental health professional looking to provide leadership coaching services to women as a part of your practice

Educator looking to up your game as you teach the next generation of women leaders

Activist, candidate running for office, or political leader looking to coach other women into positions of leadership

The value of this program is in excess of $15,000.

However, for the Fall of 2018 only, we are offering our Women’s Leadership Coaching Certification Program for $3,500, with payment plans available.


Please note : applicants will be required to agree to a licensing and coaching agreement for the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership methodology as a part of the terms and conditions of registering for the program.




As a part of your registration, you’ll be asked to describe why you’re interested in the program, how you want to incorporate this training into your own business or career, and what you hope to accomplish with this training. We want you to get everything you want and need out of this program, and much more!

We look forward to getting to know you, your leadership goals and your skills as we progress through this program!

All the best,

Elizabeth and the entire Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership Team


PS. And remember, we’ll be inviting select graduates of this program to help us facilitate the next several programs of The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, which means that those of you who are self-funded could earn back your training costs in a short period of time.

PPS. Corporate executives may also wish to investigate whether this program can be reimbursed as a part of your professional development budget.

Live Q&A

If you have questions, please check out the replay from last week’s live Q&A with Elizabeth about the program, including a week-by-week walk through of all the topics covered. Register for free here!




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