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Advanced Gaia Leadership Coach

With extensive experience in varied business contexts, human resources and operations, Tracey has a solid understanding of what makes companies and people successful. Her career has taken her from the assistant’s desk to the executive suite, where she has helped to develop corporate culture, departmental structures, and business processes for companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to well-established corporations. Before launching her coaching and consulting business, Tracey worked with a variety of companies in the renewable energy, banking, and health sectors in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Drawing on her experiences as both human resources executive and operations director, Tracey has a holistic view of effective business leadership. She knows what it takes to grow professionally and personally, and how to help others find the path. Tracey consults with clients on a wide range of topics: leadership development, personal growth, career planning, plus more personal themes like shedding the past to help bring the future into brighter focus, or making choices from a place of optimism instead of fear. Tracey blends her insight and skills as a coach to help you to find your best self. She can guide you as you develop concrete plans to achieve your business goals and conceive your personal vision of success. Her unique blend of factual analysis mixed with empathy, intuition, and insight will make Tracey your trusted advisor and coach.

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