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About Sandra Palumbo-Aldi


With nearly 20 years’ experience climbing the technology industry’s corporate ladder, I have built a successful career developing, growing and leading high performing teams. My passion for mentoring and coaching others began after only a few years in the corporate world. Starting with mentoring college hires only a little younger than myself at the time, I discovered that with a little guidance and support an individual could tap into their unique gifts and realize their full potential. While I have achieved many personal successes and achievements in my own corporate career, my proudest accomplishments all involve the goals accomplished by the people that I have managed, mentored and coached. Coaching and mentoring women, especially women who work in traditionally male dominated industries, is my purpose. I know, first hand, the impact bias, including unconscious bias, can have on even a seemingly confident women. I know how one bad comment buried among a mountain of great comments can eat at your self-worth. I also know that it is possible to move past these things and achieve your full potential and realize all of your dreams. “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” As your coach, I will be a core member of your tribe and help you find your unique sparkle and achieve your goals.

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