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About Phyllis Rhodes


Phyllis Rhodes is a business consultant and leader specializing in talent acquisition, coaching, and intentional corporate culture design. She is the founder of RW Consulting, Inc., a company dedicated to the empowerment of business leaders across a variety of traditionally male-dominated industries, including financial services and technology. She is the co-founder of Interthinkers, a consultancy committed to broadening the landscape of opportunity for women and underrepresented populations at all levels of every industry vertical.

Phyllis began her career as a currency trader and trading manager on Wall Street, and she continues to advise senior banking and hedge fund executives. More recently, she stepped into a position in which she directs projects that require high-performance computing capability, with the goal of advancing research in a variety of industries from engineering to aerospace to biotechnology and medicine.

Phyllis excels as a guide, coach, and advocate to those seeking to shift, expand, or reach the next level in their professional standing, while maintaining their integrity and living into their values and vision. She is bi-lingual in Spanish, active in animal rescue advocacy, and serves on the board of directors of her local League of Women Voters.

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