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About Marijo Bilitski

I am an executive coach in Pittsburgh, PA with operations expertise in healthcare and technology.

In the next five years, I want to see the numbers continue to trend toward equality – closing the pay gap, more female CEOs, board members, politicians, and decreasing the dropout rate of women in the workforce. I want to see more events, programs, and networks surrounding the issue of women’s leadership, educating and supporting both women and men. I want to see schools and universities include women’s leadership in their curriculums, educating and preparing young women before they enter the workforce. And most of all, I want to see women eager to bring other women – friends, co-workers, sisters, daughters – into the fold.

The women leaders of today are actively forging a new path for generations of women to come – you can be a part of this movement. Contact Marijo and Wonder Leader Consulting to find out how you can improve your own skills or support other women as they learn to lead.

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