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Advanced Gaia Leadership Coach

Keri Stanley is a Coach, Speaker, and Heart-centric Entrepreneur. Keri spends her life looking for the a-ha moments to share with her clients. She enjoys the diversity of a worldwide client base fostering a holistic approach to life and leading with direction. Her mission is to help women leaders finally say YES to themselves moving from optional to non-negotiable in their own lives knowing clearly who they are, what they want, and where they are going. Keri has been involved extensively with the clinical and corporate healthcare business for over 19 years because of her love of people. She brings a diverse background of business expertise, communication skills, and years of personal development to her coaching practice. During her free time, Keri loves spending time with her 12-year old twin boys who are her greatest teachers in life. She loves eating gourmet cupcakes, running half-marathons, travelling the world, and finding the peace of stillness. Her motto in life: Live Your WHOLE Story.

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