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About Jody Kennett

Jody comes to the GAIA Leadership Project with over 15 years’ experience in coaching business, people and physical performance. She has been a corporate trainer and coached hundreds of business professionals towards success and fulfillment. Jody empowers clients in many areas: interpersonal relationships, leadership, career transition, change management, confidence, health, and business development. With her background in Bachelor of Education and Kinesiology, she has led and facilitated multiple projects for organizations of all sizes in private, public, and non-profit enhancing engagement to complete targeted goals. Clients describe their experience with her as making a difference and positively impacting all areas of their lives. You will be heard, challenged, transformed, and have fun, all while doing the work to take you to the next level. On a personal note, Jody has run multiple marathons, coaches entrepreneurs, enjoys learning about leadership and business, and can be found in the trails.

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