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About Heather Pilar Davis


Heather, a consultant in the biotech field, specializing in oncology drug development, mentors women and men through career development, personal life challenges and educational pursuits. Her paths in life have led her to find the courage and strength to abandon convention and pursue her commitment to authenticity and alignment of her personal principles within all aspects of her life. She chooses to live her life every day with intention, a focus on the possible, never ending curiosity, and the passion to share her experiences in helping others achieve their best lives.  

Heather was drawn to the Gaia Leadership Project through Elizabeth’s wisdom and experience shared in The Women’s Leadership Podcast. So much of what Elizabeth discussed related directly to Heather’s personal experiences in her career development and in managing and mentoring women such as struggling with the imposter complex, determining how to create and foster an environment where women support and champion each other and where women are truly valued. Heather received invaluable lessons through the Gaia Women’s Leadership coaching certification program that she enjoys sharing through private coaching.

Originally from San Francisco, Heather has lived in Germany and New York City, and she now calls Boulder, Colorado home. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from University of Colorado, Boulder and Masters of Science in Public Health coursework from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  Heather cherishes being a mother to her two children, ages 10 and 12. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, traveling, reading, and connecting with people.  Heather is active in supporting women’s causes including equal rights, reproductive healthcare choice, access to education, and leadership development.  Heather completed her yoga teacher training with Alan Finger at Be Yoga Studios in New York in 2001 and taught yoga in Germany and Boulder. She co-founded a women’s mountain biking organization, SingleTrack Sistahs, in 2000 with the mission of creating a community for women to mountain bike, face new challenges, and find support in friendships and sisterhood. The organization grew from 7 original members to over 600 members within 5 years and was covered in local and national media and set a foundation for women’s mountain biking organizations nationally. 

Heather’s inspiration for her work in cancer research and her drive to live her life with intention is driven by her mother’s legacy. Margaret was an incredible woman who raised 5 children while working nights to put herself through nursing school.  She always reminded her children of the importance of an education, a career with personal meaning, being involved in helping others, and speaking our truths. 

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