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About Denise Myers


You can definitely count on getting a different perspective from Denise Myers as your Gaia Women’s Leadership Coach!  She has been fortunate enough to lead teams from the late 80’s for a Fortune Top 50 Healthcare company for over 30 years. (Let’s just say she started when there was no line waiting for the ladies restroom at board meetings).  As a Co-Active, Internationally certified & Gaia Leadership Certified Coach,  Denise will focus on core values with the work/home and also intense perspectives of working along side many men through the years.  She has learned and will share how to move strategically in and out of masculine/feminine energies and will share these techniques to soar your career much faster.  She also is one to share mistakes she has made along the way and also the ones she has mentored/sponsored so you don’t have to make the same ones!

If you are ready to transform yourself, your career, your family, your company and the world while you are at it, Denise would love the opportunity to work with you!

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