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About Bronwyn Djefel

From her 17 years of experience working internationally within the oil and gas drilling industry in a variety of roles from offshore to onshore, from getting her hands literally dirty with mud to presenting to IOC and NOC asset teams dominated by men, Bronwyn has learned how to navigate a male dominated industry into a global management position.  She is now focused on coaching women in early to mid career positions to rise up the ranks whilst ensuring their personal needs are a priority and helping them to learn how to influence those around them to improve the living work environment for all.

On a personal note, Bronwyn is Australian who met and married her husband in the USA, lived as a working expat in SE Asia, gave birth in Thailand and has worked in or travelled to support operations in 18 countries around the world. She is experienced in diverse work environments and cultures so if you’re interested in pursuing an international career, she is well positioned to coach you around the world!

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