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About Ashley Solomon

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a leadership consultant, coach, and licensed clinical psychologist. She is the founder of Galia Collaborative, an organization dedicated to helping female-identified people heal, grow, and lead. Dr. Solomon is committed to an inclusive, culturally relevant, and evidenced-based approach to working with individuals. She utilizes her many years of experience as both a clinical psychologist and a corporate leader to support individuals in achieving their objectives. She blends her warmth, science-oriented brain, and real-life wisdom to support female-identified people during challenge points in their lives.

Dr. Solomon completed her pre-doctoral residency at Friends Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, followed by a fellowship in eating disorders at Insight Behavioral Health Centers in Chicago, IL. Dr. Solomon undertook the clinical and administrative oversight of multiple healthcare centers across the United States, as well as launched an innovative telehealth initiative to expand access to mental health services.

Dr. Solomon enjoys working with women who find themselves at a turning point in their lives and careers. Many don’t yet know what the turning point holds; they simply know that the status quo is not an option. They are creative and talented and have historically been highly successful, but are intuitive enough to know that to go on, they need to make a substantive change.

She can be reached at or via her website at Follow her daily posts on Instagram at @galiacollaborative.

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