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About Amanda Rae Storteboom

Amanda Rae supports high performing leaders to become more deeply connected to themselves their purpose and those around them. She currently specializes in career reinvention and deepening leadership presence.

Amanda Rae uses her unique background of leading innovation projects, coaching women leaders to advocate for themselves and their teams, and brain science-based strategy implementation to help mid-career leaders understand what is really holding them back. We have a tendency to look for external solutions for the problems we face, however the solution to solve our problems for good can be discovered by looking internally. When you understand what is really holding you back, you can move past it to create the life you ache to live!

Amanda Rae has a Master’s of Business Administration, is a Gaia Leadership Certified Coach, and general lover of humans and their brains. She has a vision of a world of connected leaders creating systems in which we all thrive. Her work has previously earned her community recognition as a 2018 Top 40 Under 40 in Calgary.

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