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This week, Elizabeth invites us to think about the kinds of change we want to create in 2019, and do some planning and visioning to make it happen.

One initial step to creating the space for change is wiping the slate clean of daily habits that no longer serve.

Think about the places in your daily life where things just aren’t flowing the way you want them to, where stress or dread crop up. Those are likely the moments in your day when you’re keeping the plates spinning, but it’s by default rather than by design.

Now, imagine how you could change up that routine to remove the stress and dread, and instead invite more flow and ease. Wipe the slate clean of all your preconceived notions about how that routine needs to go, and think creatively about how you can redesign it.

As we move toward 2019, do yourself a favor. Make a note of a moment where daily life is stressful. Then, imagine all the ways you could transform that moment so that it serves rather than depletes you.   

For more on creating routines and habits that serve, check out Episode 17 of The Women’s Leadership Podcast: Cleaning The Slate: Shifting Negative Daily Habits iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher

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