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Every day, the Universe hands us opportunities for growth. Often, those come in the form of the consequences of our choices.

When we do the thing, and it has a negative consequence, we have to step up and take responsibility for it.

If we don’t, we abdicate our power to grow, and to be the change agent in our own life. The Universe will eventually come back around with another opportunity to take responsibility, and the next one may be like a brick to the head.  

In this week’s episode, Elizabeth invites you to think about two related sets of questions.

Where in your life have you abdicated responsibility, and consequently lost an opportunity for growth and change? How can you reclaim it?

And, have you ignored a prompting to look at one of your blind spots? Can you step in and do it now?

The moment you accept responsibility creates a profound mindset shift. It’s liberating and life-changing. Give it a try.

This is a topic we know we aren’t finished with yet.

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