In the last few months, so many of my clients have hit points of crisis at work or in life.

Perhaps they’ve hit a breaking point with a boss or a colleague, and finally know without question that its time to move on.

Perhaps they’ve decided to end a marriage, and it’s thrown their entire life into turmoil.

Perhaps they’ve birthed a new business, and it’s not going as well as they’d hoped.

Crisis points require us to go deep, and fast.

Why? Well, I’ve known for many years now that, contrary to how they might initially appear, crisis points often hold the seeds of our greatest opportunities.

And if we can use our crises well, and take back the power we may be feeling we’ve lost, they can become our richest moments of transformation.

For that reason, and after requests from a stack of clients, I’m offering a new, deep dive coaching opportunity that will get you through your crisis in short order.

It’s called a VIP Day.

A VIP day is a full or half-day with me, virtually or live, where we’ll go all the way in to your current state of crisis, and get you out the other side not just surviving, but thriving.

Because a VIP day is an intense (and beautiful) in-depth coaching experience, it’s important to me that you’re ready for all that it will bring. For that reason, VIP days with me are by application only.

Want to learn more? Click here.

Or, if you’re ready to take control of your crisis and apply right now for your own personal VIP day, click here.

As always, it’s my great pleasure to be a catalyst and a witness to your greatest transformation.

Have a great week.






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